CIRCUS is a puppet show where Jordi Bertran pays tribute to one of the biggest genius of the 20th Century, Charles Chaplin.

On the 125th Aniversary of his birth, the puppeteer brings to us this show inspired by the music and the work of Charlot’s character creator.


Charlot, one of the most famous characters of the first half of the 20th century, arised from the world of Cinema, will do an exhibition with his four-wheel rollers. This is an inspired scene from one of his films, “Modern Times”.

Rachel, the flower-seller, will be the Charlot’s scene parner, she is the muse that lives constantly on his dreams. This puppet is inspired by the character that sells violets in the film “City Lights”, by Charles Chaplin.

Two funambulist clowns, will risk their lives to the rythm of Charles Chaplin music, upon the tightrope showing all what they feel one to each other.

A yellow flower will be symbol that represents their love.

With this character, Jordi Bertran will get out the child spirit that lives in him, recovering his asleep clown.

With very simple objects like a paper cone or a napket, Toti achieves to comunicate with the public under a funny, tender and poetic relationship.

This show is dessigned to be represented with direct contact with the public, whether if it is oudoors, indoors or without a stage. The proximity and the comunication with the characters is such developped that they could even be touched.

From puppets with a perfect contruction linked to long years of work in the manipulation an interpretation with the floss technique, big doses of poetry can be obtained, with the capability to create highly emoted sentiments to the public.

Every movement, every glance, every step from this puppets are considered with a deep presition. The aim to seduce the public, and getting them to think that the life that there is inside them is real and their flosses are mere fiction.

This is an experimental work which carries us to think about forgotten landscapes, where our oniric memories from our origins inhabit.

Direction, Theatre art and Interpretation Jordi Bertran
Scenography and props Isabel Martínez
Puppets construction Jordi Bertran
Musical selection Jordi Bertran
Wardrobe Paulette San Martin
Dolors Fernández
Photography Jesus Atienza
Jean Charles Mandou
Peter Birk
Production Companyia Jordi Bertran
2015 Jury Prize 9th International Festival of Clowns of Valsequillo
Gran Canaria